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Local Market Monopoly Episode 57

Turn Your Thank You Page Into A Money Machine

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Clarence Fisher : Hey, it's Clarence Fisher. Welcome back to Local Market Monopoly. You know what we cover here, the tools, tactics, and strategies that the most successful small businesses use to dominate their local markets and own the block. I wanna tell you about something before we get started, though, we created a free weekly newsletter, man, is this meaty, uh, to give you the answers to the most important marketing questions and challenges, every local, small business faces. Questions like what is hyper-local marketing and why you need to be focused on it, how to capitalize on the four most powerful marketing leverage in the world to grow your local business, how to monitor and influence what people see and say about you and your company online and how to systematically reach more and more of your ideal prospects and customers every day. Meaning more people know about you today than did yesterday. I forgot how to get more customers, clients, and patients to buy more from you more often, we're covering this and more in a free weekly email newsletter. All you have to do to sign up is go to We've got a big free report for you just for signing up. But the main thing is, you're gonna be on that every single week in addition to this podcast. So stay tuned and we'll be right back.

Clarence Fisher : Okay. So this week we're gonna be talking about, let's talk about your, your contact us, thank you page, or it could be any thank you page on your website, but typically most of us have the 'Thank You'. After someone fills in the 'Contact Us' page. Did you know that that is one of the most important pages on your website? Some of us who do, who sell products online, not only, not just for our brick and mortar business, but those of us who sell products understand the power of the thank you page. But what I'm seeing is that more and more local, small businesses, brick and mortars, don't understand the power of the thank you page. So I wanted to cover that today, if you are not using, if all you are saying when someone completes a form on your website is 'Thank you. We'll get back with you.' Then you're leaving money on the table.

Clarence Fisher: You could do things like just, you know, ask for a survey, even if you wanted to a quick survey, it's inexpensive to get the feedback. And all you have to do is come up with a few questions, paste the link, even after they submit a link could come up, you know, please help us be better, do better, give you more by taking this survey. That could be your 'Thank you.' If you choose to do that, then ask, keep it short five to 10 questions that and people will, more participants will take advantage of that. If you just keep it short, keep the survey brief, tell them how long it's going to take. Hey, this is only gonna take three minutes. It's only gonna take five minutes, I would say three minutes.

Clarence Fisher: And that's going to increase your chances of people taking the survey. Please take this 45-second survey. Please take this two-minute survey. You notice we keep getting shorter. Please take this ten-second survey. I wouldn't go 10 seconds. Everybody knows that it's not 10 seconds unless it's only one or two quick questions, but you could do that. You could use Google forms in order to do this. We use Google forms a lot because it will auto-populate the answers in a spreadsheet that we can go and look for the most common answers. And that way, you know, just kind of stands out. This is what's really on people's minds. It only takes a few minutes to create those. Uh, you can check out Google forms and let's talk about what to ask if you're gonna do this survey thing. You can, uh ask readers to tell you more about themselves as individual customers, clients, or patients.

Clarence Fisher: Just ask 'em say all this, what's a good question that I'll give you one great question that has worked for us is what is the single biggest challenge you face when it comes to underlying? When it comes to your, the problem that you solve? Like what, like, for me, I'll give you an example. What is the single biggest problem you face marketing your business? What is the single business problem you face keeping your car maintained? What is the single biggest problem you face in looking young, or what is the single biggest problem you face getting a job? Whatever, you know, that just, what is the single biggest problem you face? And pretty soon you're gonna have tons of juicy data. You're gonna see the, you're gonna see the same problems pop up and up, and you can actually create a lot of your content around those problems, but even more so than that, when you or your team are, are talking to prospects, you know the problems you need to be talking to right off the bat, you know, because you, you have those, you know, exactly what the problems are.

Clarence Fisher: You can ask them, um, you know, what are their goals for the year, or what are their goals for contacting you? What's your biggest pet peeve when it comes to whatever this area of expertise is. I know that we've got that queued out to go into our Facebook and LinkedIn audiences. What is the biggest pet peeve you have when it comes to digital marketing agencies? And I am so looking forward to seeing those answers. Ask for feedback, you can ask for feedback on the thank you page for, you know, let's move beyond that. Let's move, uh, away from that survey. Let's say, you're asking for feedback on your product or service, or you're asking for feedback, even on the content that you're putting out there. If you're picking up what I'm putting down right now, you're getting that the Thank You page, instead of being an empty space, you can use it for something, use it for survey, or you can use it to get feedback for spotting problems.

Clarence Fisher : You can use it to get reviews if you want that. Some of the questions that you can ask is, "what made you decide to contact us?" "If you could change anything about our product or our service, what would it be?" "How did you like our products or service?" This is all in the thank you page and use it to, what we use it a lot to, to do is increase sales. So as soon as someone enters their information, you know, they have a problem that they want solved if they're on your website. So why not right then, ask for the next step. A lot of time, when you download a free report from us, you will get the opportunity to schedule a call, or you will get the opportunity to upgrade to something else that will make that faster.

Clarence Fisher: You've already taken the step. And, um, you know, when you, when you logged on, you wanted more information. So at that point, what's the best time to offer you something to speed that along. If you want to take it, you don't have to, but you could. And that is a good use of the 'Thank You' page. Let's say you don't want to do that. Let's say you don't want to do a survey. You don't want to ask for feedback or reviews. You don't wanna try to sell anything or upsell anything. One thing you could do is just add a link to your best content. Maybe they fill out the form. And then the thank you is, Hey, you might enjoy these or most people who have reached out to us enjoy these. Hey, this is some of the best, our top 10 or our top three articles that answer these questions.

Clarence Fisher: We love 'em everybody else loves. I'm sure you'll love 'em too. So give them that as a bonus. Another thing you could do, I know I'm ripping right now, right? So another thing you could do is give testimonials, I think this is awesome. This is awesome. So what better time to say, Hey, other people have been impressed with what we do, uh, look at these testimonials. Yep. This is what you got coming right now. So display testimonials on your, on your, thank you. Let's see, what else could we do here besides the testimonials, man, that's gonna build some brand awareness for you is give you one more here, ask them to follow you on social media. That's, that's super simple. And you say, Hey, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, connect with us on LinkedIn.

Clarence Fisher : Look at our YouTube. And as a matter of fact, let's go a bit further, whatever community you have going on, maybe they can join a Facebook group. Maybe they can join your LinkedIn group, anything. They've already on your email list. So that doesn't, that doesn't really do much, but you get what I'm saying. Use the thank you page. Like right now, what I want you to do is call whoever handles your website and say, 'what do we have on our thank you page?' What do people see after they submit 'contact us'? Please, please send them somewhere. Just a page that has one of these suggestions on here and guarantee. I mean, it's like free money, just sitting there a guarantee you will see some growth.

Clarence Fisher : So just by adding some of these simple, simple elements, hope this helps you. As we said before, Hey, we've got a free newsletter for you now at Just go, get a big report. Uh, that'll help you, uh, grow your business. We see, we used to say guaranteed to grow your business 25% or more but we're having to step away from that guaranteed, just because I don't like lawyers. Uh, no, I like lawyers. Like my look, my law friends are like, or did you really say that? I like lawyers. I don't like the litigiousness of today's society. So, uh, but if you use the four levers that we share with you right there, I I'm about to say, I promise, man, you're going to have some benefit. I gotta, can you, can we get with the law department and just see what I can say now? Just what can I say, uh, take this, use it, share it, comment and like it, and, uh, we'll see you next week until then go own the block.




About This Episode

When someone buys something from you, the natural thing to do is say “thank you.”

But what happens after that?

Do you just send them on their way, or do you have a plan to turn them into a customer, client, or patient for life?

In this week’s episode, we are going to talk about how to turn your thank you page into a money machine!

I’ll share some tips and tricks that will help increase conversions and generate more revenue for your business. Listen now.

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